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Rules and guidelines

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Rules and guidelines Empty Rules and guidelines

Post by Lila Sun Apr 20, 2008 5:47 pm

Please read these carefully, and if we see that you're not following them, we'll ask you to re-read this topic.


When you join, your username should be entered as your desired character's name. This can be anything you choose. You can do just the first name, or first & last, or first middle last, it really doesn't matter.

As soon as you have read the rules and asked any questions, hop right over to the CCC and fill out your character's profile.

Do not post in any plots until your character's profile has been approved by an Admin or moderator.

After your first character has been approved and you've started roleplaying, you can create other accounts for other characters you may wish to create. NOTE: If you make a second account with the same e-mail address as your first account, make sure you use the same password.


When roleplaying in any of the plots, be sure to read the plot creator's rules and follow them.

Posts should be longer than a sentence. A paragraph (5-7 sentences) is what you're aiming for, but if it's slightly shorter, that's fine.

Posts that are hard to understand because of bad grammar and spelling will be reported to a moderator or Admin and could very possibly be deleted.

Posts that include inappropriate content such as mature sexual themes, excessive foul language, or hardcore violence will be deleted. Period.

OOC's and IC's will be used appropriately. NO spamming in OOC mode. That means NOT having out of character conversations in the plots.


If you suddenly stop posting for over two weeks without warning us, your character could be passed on to someone else. So let us know if you're going to be gone for awhile.

Fun, pointless chattiness is allowed only on general boards.

Spamming comes in various different forms. If we see that you're spamming, we'll ask you to stop. Unless, of course, it's Dufferly spam.... oh, nevermind.

Please enjoy yourself, be nice, and have fun. Smile


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