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Into Narnia: A Chronicles of Narnia RPG

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Into Narnia: A Chronicles of Narnia RPG Empty Into Narnia: A Chronicles of Narnia RPG

Post by Misha Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:13 pm

When the children left, the Golden Age of Narnia ended. And with it, perhaps all hope. In a blink of the eye for the children, merely a year, a thousand of them have passed in the land they love.

For hundreds of years now, Narnia has been ruled by a group of humans from neighboring Telmar. After a viscious invasion, they rose triumphant, and the talking animals withdrew into hiding. There are rumors, some still know, but they are rare. Some animals became dumb and are no better than the animals the Telmarines brought with them. Some left Narnia to places unknown. Some wait for a rightful king, a good and kind ruler to come whom they can rally behind.

This is Narnia. A land once covered in talking animals, unique in the north, now just another human country. This is Narnia, once a place where the names of Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy were known and spoken with reverence. Now they are cast loosely in some history textbook, hidden away in a place where no Telmarine can find it. This is Narnia, once a gem of Aslan's pride, now a country in despair. Where a brother has usurped the throne and his nephew lives unaware of his uncle's treachery. This is Narnia.

By a stroke of luck, the nephew, still a boy, is united with a unique tutor. This tutor teaches him about the real history of Narnia, about the talking animals and the Golden Age of the High Kings and Queens of Narnia. He tells the boy, Caspian of his parents and his rightful place, as the true King of Narnia. And on the night of the birth of Caspian's cousin, an heir to his uncle's throne, this tutor saves him from certain death one night as the boy is fled from the castle walls. Riding away through the night, Caspian finds himself in the middle of the talking animals, the Old Narnians.

These creatures have a plan, and once they realize who he is, their plan begins to take form. They journey to the Dancing Lawns to gather other talking creatures, and soon a large force has gathered. And their plan? Rise up against the boy's uncle, King Miraz, and restore Narnia to its rightful place. The army moves to Aslan's How, a fortified hill over the ancient Stone Table. There they are met by Miraz' forces, and cornered.

The horn is blown. The ancient horn of Queen Susan the Gentle, said to bring help to those in need. In a last attempt, Caspian calls for those old Kings and Queens of Narnia to come forth and lend their assistance to his battle.

Worlds away, as the four Pevensie children wait for their school train, they are whisked away to a world they knew a lifetime ago. It is not the world they remember, however, and as they sort through the ruins of an old building, they realize where they are. Narnia, and Cair Paravel, what's left of it anyways. As they travel on their adventures, they learn what Narnia has become since they left, and what needs to be done to save it.

These four brave adventurers will need help. Help that can only come from you. So get out of your chair, step through the door, right


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Into Narnia: A Chronicles of Narnia RPG Empty Re: Into Narnia: A Chronicles of Narnia RPG

Post by Misha Wed Sep 24, 2008 4:14 pm

The website is:


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